Pluralism and the Israeli right

The idea that someone will enjoy his own money rather then handing it over to them (with the help of the law of course) to promote their own ideology, is simply out of the question

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לגירסה העברית

The Israeli right wing is divided to several groups. The Kleptomaniac right that all its interests and efforts are spent on transferring the content of the public funds to the pockets of those that are either friends relatives and supporters.

The messianic sickly nationalist, missioner religious (the religious conversion process of the education system by Naftali Benet will confirm this easily), racist and separatist

To keep the darkness

The third group is no less sick, however trying to hide behind a popular-intellectual curtain. (oh yes I know its an oxymoron, but that's exactly what I am trying to say) and gathering these days behind the ultra fascist Moshe Figlin and calling itself Identity. Figlin, an empty philisopher is just another fascist without any ideas of his own, he borrows ideas and manipulate them enough to form holes that not only wont hold waters it wont even hold building bricks. Wherever there is a hole or an unsolved issue he leaves the decision to what he called the Jewish space. not the Israeli space, the Jewish one, Sure Figlin and his supporters are as racist as all the rest and funny enough his idea of keeping the Palestinians as a defended and protected minority without full rights under jewish domination is pretty much the same idea that the prophet Mohamad had for the jews. Now go figure what religious is less enlightening

Pluralism is the terrible fear of the right

 The ideology of the right wing is separatism  and superiority and this is true to all the groups. The first is afraid that the public funds will become, god forbid. public and the idea that they will have to share it with its owner (the public) makes them shiver

The rest Invented a "god" as an excuse to conquer, robbery, and if possible murder as well, everything is written in the book, really. Who wrote the book ?god of course ! why does this book contradict itself so often ? for this we had interpreters all along the history that will try to , explain all those little and big misunderstanding in  the book,  however will never get -to the basic question, is there really a god. because if it wrote a book which is practically very physical issue then there must be a way to prove its existence rather then keep it as a belief

the Messianic has their own interpreters the modern ideologists that exist to explain why is this or that allowed while its actually forbidden in the book but never bother to explain the idea that all  man, was created in god's image their job is to deepen the separation and root in the ,little minds of the believer the superiority of the Jewish people and they would if they could lead them up again to the Massada to commit suicide again

but everything is focus on the terrible fear of pluralism this word drives them nuts because pluralism means they will not be able to keep the privileges they took for themselves

The idea that a justice system will consider everyone equal and once in awhile justice will be done is simply out of question and therefore they work hard to make the Jewish laws the base for the justice system

The idea that someone will enjoy his own money rather then handing it over to them (with the help of the law of course) to promote their own ideology, is simply out of the question

An education system clean out of religious garbage means people may start thinking that there are other books other ideas that worth living according to

Immigrants. no way, the Jewish people may discover  that all the human race is pretty much the same, its impossible because by giving them the title "the elected people" we keep them in this cage and they loves it. the contact with the world may open their mind to unwanted ideas such as… humanity

Freedom of the art and culture means  free thinking and that.s unacceptable there is only one truth and its in the bloody book

The pluralism may make Gays, Lesbians, transgenders and anyone else who is different a human being just like anyone else

Pumping up antisemitism is just a method to bring more and more Jews to this huge ghetto called Israel here they could be re-educated, robbed from everything they own, their children will be sacrificed. and if they refuses ? easy, we will call them auto-antisemists and declare that they are all not-zionists

They, the Nazional Jews – knows very well the fears of the Jewish people, after all they are pumping them up for thousands of years, but if nothing works, they have the last card. . Pluralism means dismantling the family cell, and its against the family values

But what does it means family values ? That mothers should accept being beaten up, and shut their mouths and stay married just in order that their children will learn what a sexual depression means in a patriarchal culture where women are merely a tool to produce and raise children, and the next generation will simply help to maintain a chauvinistic and racist , patriarchal Jewish society

Pluralism is threatening those that have the privileges, the control and the power, and are absolutely convinced that the money, the knowledge and finally the truth that was invented just for this purpose, to control others,  the truth that was created to simply prevent the idea of equality and to allow every evil in the name of this cursed god

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על אודות עמית מנדלזון

צלם, עיתונאי, ארכיטקט, מעצב ואיש הי טק, חי במארסיי, צרפת. יזם שותף ונכון להיום עורך ראשי של מגפון. מתמקד בצילום חדשות, צילום רחוב, וכתיבה
פוסט זה פורסם בקטגוריה אנגלית, מאמר מערכת. אפשר להגיע ישירות לפוסט זה עם קישור ישיר.

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