The elephant in the living room

Netanyahu voters, prefer to keep stoning the worm eaten body of the Historical Mapai party, and to keep rolling their misery and failure on the left wingers, those that constantly fought for them and any other deprived part of the population. that unfortunately are not ruling the country for 40 years give and take few short terms that one of them, full of hope ended with 3 bullets

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I would like to apologize for the poor translation, I decided to do translate all my editorial , however I am neither an English native nor a professional translator but there is a demand and someone have to do this

הקש כאן לגירסה העברית

Yes I am aware of the fact that I am entering a mines field, I am doing it knowingly, because this phenomenon cannot be ignored anymore and even if it's really not nice to talk about the elephant in the living room, it is still there and occupying all the sofa.

an Elephant in the living room

In the entrance to one of their cinemas they own, the brothers Edry placed a statue of Benyamin Netanyahu. Yes these are the same Edry brothers that loves the provocations of Mrs Sibony. Their motivation is exactly the same as those of Mrs Sibony herself I would like to apologize to Mr. regev for not using his name, after all his spouse don't really like Ashkenzim).

Sibony and the brothers Edry, whether they have money of not whether they have influence or not, belongs to the part of the population that traditionally vote for Netanyahu and the Likud. Those that "even if Netanyahu would come through the window at night and rape their daughter, they will still vote for him" (A quote from a supporter). The part of the Israeli society that has been brought to Israel by its founders the Ashkenazim but still detest them so much,
and praise Adolf Hitler publicly, over the social networks, for killing so many of them (there goes the unity of the Jewish people). These are the constant deprived, the second and third generation  (and of course the first) of those originated in the Maghreb countries (mostly
Algeria and Morocco) Their contribution to the state of Israel is mostly in deprivation claims and racism (Arabs, refugees, and naturally Western European originated Jews, the Ashkenazim). This deprivation they scream about, did not prevent many of immigrant from the same origin to reach achievements, especially in every possible field. The rest, Netanyahu
voters, prefer to keep stoning the worm eaten body of the Historical Mapai party, and to keep rolling their misery and failure on the left wingers, those that constantly fought for them and any other deprived part of the population. that unfortunately are not ruling the country for 40 years give and take few short terms that one of them, full of hope ended with 3 bullets

How can any group of people that, evidently, respect themselves and and are constantly deprived by Netanyahu and his criminal gang.How can they still admire him and follow him
blindly ? Basically the answer is lack of education, after all the Likud destroyed systematically the Israeli education system, while the easier places for budget cuts were always the same communities that will accept anything from him. But also lack of interest and the belief that there is no need for any type of education (Mrs Sibony the minister of culture is proud of the fact she never read Chekhov and the chairman of the coalition David Bitan, is proud that he did not read any book for 10 years, both of them are from the same party, both support Netanyahu by all means and no matter what and both are from the same community I mentioned above). It means that it's not that simple to blame the system alone and no matter how they succeeded to screw it up

Ignorance is what the corrupted regime of Netanyahu uses very efficiently. For his supporters he is a king, they never heard of Ceaușescu, certainly not Marcus of the Philippines or any other dictator. For them the king has the right to do everything and the word corruption is an invention of the Ashkenazim. For them the public money is his to do whatever he likes and he is above the law, and they are willing to pay any price for whatever he say (to do is not one
of his dominant capabilities but they don't seem to care)

Moreover they believe that the system, all the system, supposed to work for him and the rest are just simple peasants. The word democracy as well as fascism are not in their dictionary,
that's one of the reason they mixes them very often, and therefore they cannot really understand what is all the fuse around the zigzagging of the head of the prosecution Mandelblit that acts as Netanyahu's private  counselor, and their priority is first the king and only later food for their children and medicines for their old parents

Thinking of it, that's the sad story of the Jewish people "we will do and then we will hear".a biblical story

The problem of ignorance and the collection of false facts, that are spread freely by cynical (or
ignorant) politicians, that they becomes solid truth in the age of "fake news" and fake news has a great audience, those that this article is dealing with. I have read a comment of a guy name Abuhazira that insist that the Ashkenazim was brought to Israel by his ancestors, evidently he never bothered to look at the calender in his life, and there are plenty of other examples, many of them from the dumb bunch called the members of the Israeli Parliament. No wonder Netanyahu Junior believes he is the equivalent to prince Harry and posting antisemitic stuff, that's what they feed him at home.

Its not really a nice thing to say but the truth is that the failure of this specific group is not only the state's fault. It is the education that they got at home, the hate for anything that is Arab, using the excuse that "we lived among them, we know them".  Yes you did and you do, but you are not different then any of them. In Marseille there is quite a similar community that have
the same claims, The only difference is the religious

Along the short history of this young nation the secular, liberal educated Israelis has been treating the religious as well as the deprived Maghreb community with too much respect and consideration. We all acted as guilt feeling are eating us and we tried to keep a proper, politically correct dialog. We totally ignored the fact that we are feeding a monster that sooner or later will swallow us together with our human values. So Its time to admit: the rules of the game changed, our enemies are not the Palestinians, the enemy is within us and growing steadily. The enemy is the combination of ignorance and the feeling of "I deserve and i need not make any effort for this". Netanyahu is starving this monster and petting it in the same time, naturally its started getting wild. just guess who will it eat first


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